Hidden costs and gender issues in conservation translocations of wildlife: a case study from India

Updated: May 20

Thursday the 12th of May 2022, 2-3.30pm (UK time)

The recording for this very insightful and stimulating discussion can be found here

Gendered related issues may be culturally ingrained and affect conservation translocations, as it affects other conservation practices. Women may be more directly in contact with reintroduced species, and yet have fewer opportunities to have their voices heard. We invited Dr Upma Manral and Dr Kalli Doubleday to introduce insights from their research in India, and to lead a follow up discussion on gendered issues in the context of conservation translocations.

May 2022 Manral Doubleday Hidden costs and gender issues in reintroductions and translocat
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Dr Upma Manral is working as a Project Scientist at the Wildlife Institute of India. She is part of a team working in two Protected Area landscapes of Ladakh, recognizing the High Conservation Value areas for the biodiversity and people there, and in developing effective management practices.

Kalli F. Doubleday, Ph.D. is a Research Fellow at The University of Texas, Austin. Kalli explores the human dimensions of human-wildlife interactions and rewilding initiatives.

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